It is a such a joy to watch the miracle of new life coming into the world. Basset pups are so cute! We are so blessed to be a part of bringing gorgeous and loving Champion Lined pups to the families who adopt from us. 
Basset Hounds-
​Your "best friend on a rainy day"!

Then God said, "Let the waters swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind." So God created great sea creatures, and every living thing that scurries and swarms in the water, and every sort of bird- -each producing offspring of the same kind. And God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:20-21​
Bassets are wonderful, affectionate, and loyal companions. We have heard it said that Bassets have an affinity to connect with those who are sufferring. They have certainly blessed and helped our family.

 Bassets are the "Clown of dogs". They are great Therapy Companions, full of love and commitment to their owners.
​We believe Bassets are one of the best breeds created!

Rainy   Day   Bassets

European and American
​​​Champion Lined
​AKC Basset Hounds

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